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Issue #6 - Awesome Tooling, Quick Starts and Inspiration Spotlight!

Weekly newsletter of Ruan Bekker 🇿🇦
Weekly newsletter of Ruan Bekker 🇿🇦
This has been a busy month, so only published two blog posts, but on the projects and tooling side I’ve stumbled upon pretty interesting content and projects that awesome people published.
In this issue:
  • Blog Posts
  • Tooling
  • Projects
  • Inspiration Spotlight

Blog Posts

Ansible Playbook for Your Macbook Homebrew Packages
Docker Multistage Builds for Hugo
A bunch of repositories that I stumbled upon and I feel the owners should receive some credit. Please feel free to drop a star on their repositories should you find it interesting.
GitHub - getumbrel/umbrel: A beautiful personal server OS for self-hosting. Install on a Raspberry Pi 4 or Ubuntu/Debian.
GitHub - BretFisher/github-actions-templates
GitHub - xNok/infra-bootstrap-tools: Set of scripts to setup a host with docker-swarm and caddy auth-portal
GitHub - BretFisher/initcontainers: Kubernetes initContainers examples and good defaults
GitHub - FairwindsOps/goldilocks: Get your resource requests "Just Right"
GitHub - LukeSmithxyz/emailwiz: Script that installs/configures a Dovecot, Postfix, Spam Assassin, OpenDKIM Debian web server
GitHub - ipedrazas/kubernetes-snippets: Code snippets of kubernetes for visual studio code.
GitHub - notthebee/ansible-easy-vpn: An Ansible playbook that sets up an Ubuntu-based Wireguard server
GitHub - larkintuckerllc/hello-flux-multi-single-bootstrap
GitHub - stakater/Reloader: A Kubernetes controller to watch changes in ConfigMap and Secrets and do rolling upgrades on Pods with their associated Deployment, StatefulSet, DaemonSet and DeploymentConfig – [✩Star] if you're using it!
GitHub - bunkerity/bunkerweb: 🛡️ Make your web services secure by default !
GitHub - civo/terraform-template: Opinionated Template Repo for managing applications on a Civo Kubernetes cluster
GitHub - GoogleCloudPlatform/terraformer: CLI tool to generate terraform files from existing infrastructure (reverse Terraform). Infrastructure to Code
GitHub - coollabsio/coolify: An open-source & self-hostable Heroku / Netlify alternative.
GitHub - ruanbekker/docker-monitoring-stack-gpnc: Grafana Prometheus Node-Exporter cAdvisor - Docker Monitoring Stack
GitHub - ruanbekker/prometheus-and-pushgateway: Example using Pushgateway and Prometheus
GitHub - ruanbekker/quick-starts: Collection of quick starts on docker, terraform, ansible, etc
GitHub - ruanbekker/ansible-macbook-setup: Installs homebrew packages via Ansible
Inspiration Spotlight
Thanks to Bret, TechnoTim, DevOps Toolkit and Anton for each an everyone’s content that you guys publish. My homelab is becoming a monster! Thank You!
Please check out their content.
Bret Fisher Docker and DevOps
Techno Tim
DevOps Toolkit
Anton Putra
Thanks for reading.
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Weekly newsletter of Ruan Bekker 🇿🇦
Weekly newsletter of Ruan Bekker 🇿🇦 @ruanbekker

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