Issue #3: Grafana, Loki, Matrix Bots and Flask RestFul





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Weekly newsletter of Ruan Bekker 🇿🇦
Weekly newsletter of Ruan Bekker 🇿🇦
Another week, a couple o'more curious topics. The quickstart docker monitoring stack was a fun one, with two commands you have a monitoring stack available with node and container dashboards built in.

Github Projects
Quickstart Docker Monitoring Stack
Distributed Loki setup with BoltDB and Minio using Docker
My Cheatsheet Repository
Blog Posts

Setup Matrix and Element Chat Server
Matrix Bot Using SimpleMatrixBotlib in Python
Run a Basic Python Flask Restful API
Load Environment Variables From File in Python
Run OpenLDAP With a UI on Docker
Setup TLS and Basic Authentication on Node Exporter for Prometheus
Setup a Minecraft Server on Docker
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Weekly newsletter of Ruan Bekker 🇿🇦
Weekly newsletter of Ruan Bekker 🇿🇦 @ruanbekker

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